3d Printer DIY byg – 4

Der printes…!


Har nu fået samlet alle ledninger og sat dem rigtigt til.

Spansk manual er ikke lige nem at forstå, men google er en ven.

Brugte lidt tid på at juster strømniveau til stepmotor så de kører lydløst men med nok krafter.






2 thoughts on “3d Printer DIY byg – 4”

  1. xavier

    Hi Lars,
    Thank you for your interesting presentation on the P3steel. Could you give me some information about the kit you bought. How was the quality of the parts (plastic & metal)?
    What was the preparation/shipping time from the seller? Do you advice to buy this kit from kitprinter3d.
    Thank you in advance for your comments,


    • admin

      The quality of the parts are very good. Everything fits nicely together.

      They take about a week to ship, and are very fast in respond to any Q you have.

      Everything is boxed nicely, and in small bags with lables on.
      The software is ok, and need only small ajustments.

      The manual is in ES, I found different webpages to figure out how to put it together, but the pictures are great info.
      The wire is a bit messy, and will be one of the firste things to print some support for.
      The endstop setup could also be better, but again i can now print something for this to.
      The Steel frame bolts is sticking out from the frame, and because of this I will have to make some spacers so the printhead can passe free.

      But the kit is great, you are up and running fast and can get on to the hard part — Printing

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